Lanna Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary

was founded by Mr. Pop ( Witthaya Phongsiri ) . Mr. Pop has had a tour company for more than 10 years. Hewas an experienced tour guide and has seen elephants his whole lifeperforming in shows, dancing, playing football and painting. One day Mr.Pop saw a small female elephant called KingKaew performing in a show. That day something changed in Mr.Pop. He became so sad for KingKaew, thinking she should grow up free from abuse. He wanted to provide a nice home for Kingkaew away from the demands and pressures of the camps that too many Elephants are living in. He spent all his money to rescue King Kaew from the performance life and moved her to a beautiful new home, surrounded by nature, where she can roam free …..Lanna Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary.
Lana Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary opened June 5th, the same month of his birthday.

Mr. Pop is passionate about saving elephants. He has created the Elephant Sanctuary for this purpose. Mr. Pop’s love of animals has inspired him to also rescue a mother buffalo and her daughter from a man who was going to sell them to the slaughterhouse.You will be able to observe up close and learn about the Elephants and water buffaloes in the sanctuary.

Our property is located in rural Northeast Thailand next to a river, beautiful rice paddies and stunning mountain views. The elephants are free to roam around on the property as the mahout walks alongside with you. You will have the opportunity for taking some excellent photos and videos.

We have trained staff to take care of our animals in the Sanctuary. Our tour guides and drivers are experienced and will take very good care of you.

Our goal is to rescue more elephants from the circus and riding camps. It is not cheap to raise Elephants, they eat 136 Kilograms (300 lbs.) of food a day, drink a lot of fresh non-chlorinated water, and have medical needs. We need your support.!!

Come see us at the Lanna Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary, enjoy the intimate experience of small groups. Join the many people who support, love and respect animals.

Thank you so much and we hope to see you soon!

Warmest Regards,

Mr. Pop and Lanna Kingdom Team.